Makarim Al Wisam
Livestock Feeding Factory
About Us
We are the newest feed factory in the western area located in Mecca Almokarma our capacity 100 MT /H distributed on 6 production lines with latest Germany technology under high-qualified stuff to insure the quality control in order to be ISO certified Factory
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Our Mission
The feed security and animal health in the kingdom is our concern Therefore, we start to produce high quality feed to raise the performance of camels & sheep either meat or milk in short time
Our vitamins and feed additives from Kawo Co. at Germany Q.A.D check and analyze all the Raw materials at the inlet to insure it is matching the international specification as well as the final product to deliver good quality feed matching the requested specifications to our respected customers.
Our vision
Conducting our feed values to the customers in order to get high performance through the best formulae for livestock and poultry in short time
Cooperating with the scientific researches centers in near universities and the international centers to improve feed quality and food quality also new methods and the innovative ideas to develop our feed business.
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CEO message:
High quality feed is the corner stone for success and progress in animal production, also keeping our environment clean is the second factor in the continuous development to food security.
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G.M. Message:
Our mission is to add value to livestock feeding from our aspect sharing the biggest scientific company at Germany to produce complete and balanced ration with high quality.
Putting ourselves with the leader feed companies in our kingdom.
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Our products
Camel Feed
  • Camel breeding (GANAP)
  • Camel Fattening (Khelfat)
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  • X
Sheep Feed
  • Sheep breeding (GANAP)
  • Sheep Fattening (Khelfat)
  • Sheep Show (AREDH)
  • Lamp Feed (Hemlan)
Poultry Feed
  • Starter Feed
  • Broiler Feed
  • Layer Feed
  • X
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Nutrition Info.
Camel & sheep Feed
Livestock feed combines raw materials for carbohydrate, Fats, Proteins with minerals and vitamins these provide a particular nutrient that may be deficient in an animal’s diet.
In general, the imbalances minerals will cause the following:
  • Low fertility.
  • Tetany.
  • Diarrhea and loss appetite.
  • Abortion and bone abnormalities.
  • Loss of hair, depigmentation and skin disorders.
Therefore, we more careful to add all these vitamins & minerals in the feed from Germanian origin to avoid any problem also to insure that our animals are healthy and perform well
Vit A deficiency
It cause night blindness, eye discharge. And ill thrift
Vit. D deficiency
Reduced Growth Rates.
The legs may be bent and there is abnormal swelling, with stiffness and lameness occurring in a number of animals.
Jawbone deformed.
Vit E deficiency
Stillborn young, stiff gait, lameness and arch back
Calcium & phosphorus deficiencies
Lack appetite, swollen joints, osteomalacia and bone malformation acid-base balance affected also causes osteomalacia
Magnesium deficiency
Causes tetany grazing also tremors in big animals after delivery
Unbalanced gait
Play an important role on the osmotic balance, acid-base equilibrium It is deficiency causes retarded growth leads sometimes in advance cases to paralysis

Table show adult female camels’ requirement performing various functions (DM Kg/100 Kg BW):
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Table shows adult young growing camel requirement (DM Kg/100 Kg BW):
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Divide the daily feed quantity to two times early morning & evening.
Adding feed straw is enough with Alwisam Feed.
All feeders and drinker should be clean.
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Makarim Alwisam and the Environment
Alwisam feed is the only in Kingdom and in Middle East using paper bags instead of plastic bags.
Paper is friendly environment it does not react with the feed also has not harm effect on the surrounding.
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Om Elgood, The Fourth Ring Road, Mecca, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
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